Twenty One Pilots at Oakland Arena

Twenty One Pilots Tickets

Oakland Arena | Oakland, California

Things are about to get exciting at the Oracle Arena!! The wait is over for fans of Twenty One Pilots, eagerly anticipating the follow-up to their phenomenal album “Blurryface” – the new album is out on October 5th, and the band heading to Oakland on Sunday 11th November 2018! This exciting will leave you speechless, so don't delay – book now! Click the Buy Tickets button to get yours today.

Twenty One Pilots at Oracle Arena

At long last, Twenty One Pilots have broken the silence surrounding the release of their upcoming new album, heralded by the release of three new singles;  “Jumpsuit," "Nico and the Niners” and “Levitate”. "I remember near the end of the last tour cycle, Tyler and I were on tour and we would just play stuff at soundcheck and Tyler was on bass guitar and kinda playing that riff", Josh said, explaining the writing process behind “Jumpsuit”. "I feel like maybe that was one of the first ones that was starting to be worked on while we were still on tour and over time it turned into what it is. I would say for me personally, I feel like it's picking up where we left off where Blurryface ended. It felt like the first track back to bridge that gap to go from one record to the next.”

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Twenty One Pilots at Oracle Arena

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