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Oakland Arena | Oakland, California


Heads up, California fans! It's time to get smooth with it as the R&B icon Usher goes straight to Oakland for his “Past Present Future” Tour on Sunday, 29th of September at Oakland Arena, California. Rounding up an over 24-city tour in North America, Usher is on the pace for an all-out music craze as he showcases his harmonious voice and cool moves that will hype you to your core. The eight-time Grammy Award-winning artist will turn back the time as he celebrates his 30 years of domination in the industry, featuring his multi-platinum tracks, including “Yeah!”, My Boo, and Love in this Club, for a time-turning experience on the go. Also, featuring songs from his latest album, “Coming Home,” old fans or younger gens are welcomed to this event for a smooth-flowing experience, just like Usher’s performances LIVE! Give way to the King of R&B as Usher puts up a hell of a show in California districts for an out-of-this-world music experience you will enjoy till the end. Grab your tickets now!

It's gonna be a funky ride for California fans as Usher arrives with an all-out vibe, bringing the “Past Present Future” Tour on Sunday, 29th of September at Oakland Arena, California. Famous for his silky-smooth vocals and seamless dance moves, Usher will fire up the California stage as he showcases his undisputed musicality LIVE for you to vibe on.

With several VIP packages made just for you, you can level up your watching experience and enjoy different exclusive options right at the corner. This includes a VIP lounge experience, onstage photos, and the most-awaited meet-and-greet with the King itself that will upgrade your concert experience to a mile high!

With the success of his recent Las Vegas Residency Tour and halftime show in Super Bowl LVIII, Usher will now hit the road for an over 24-city tour in North America. Bringing back the clock, Usher will perform his newest renditions of his hit songs, including "Yeah!", "My Boo," and more that will give a nostalgic kick to you while listening. Usher will also front his newest album, “Coming Home,” and will perform songs from this album for a fresh and slick musical experience just like no other.

Coming Home
Good Good
A-Town Girl
Cold Blooded
Kissing Strangers
Keep on Dancin’
Risk It All
Stone Kold Freak
On This Side
I Am the Party
I Love U
Please U
Luckiest Man
Room In a Room
One of Them Ones
Standing Next To You

Usher has influenced not only pop music but also the entire music business with his smooth hits that change how you experience songs. His fame reaches internationally, having sold more than 80 million albums and won several accolades, such as eight Grammy Awards. He is called the King of R&B for our times because he made a big impact on music, and his well-known songs include "Yeah! ", "My Boo," and “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again."

The “Past Present Future” Tour will be held in Oakland Arena as Usher unleashes the best music ever LIVE! Known as one of the best concert venues in California, it is equipped with the coolest concert facilities, world-class technology, and state-of-the-art sounds and lighting that will fuel heated performances coming from the King of R&B. Get captivated by his smooth voice and impeccable dance moves as Usher delivers a spectacular show for you to enjoy. Grab your tickets now!

Usher at Oakland Arena

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